Instructions for re-sizing and naming file

*Make sure to do all cropping on your photo prior to these instructions.

Go to
Sign up for a free account.
Click on edit a photo.
Click on Upload own images.
Find the photo of your piece in your computer.
Scroll down below Crop on the left side to Resize.
If size cannot be increased to 1800, this means your photo is not large enough (good enough quality). Your choices are: Take a better photo of your artwork or go ahead and upload smaller file. Keep in mind this is what your artwork will be judged on.
(MAKE SURE THE LOCK IS CLOSED AND LOCKED) Change the largest dimension to 1800 and the other number will automatically adjust. File must be sized before upload please.
EXPORT your photo to name it and save the resized photo. Export button is located above the photo.
Highlight the file name and name your file the proper name.
All photos need to be named as follows: Artist_Name-Title-medium-size-price-club.jpeg
Example: Jane_Doe-Starry_Sky-oil-18×24-400-Jane_Doe_Art_Society.jpeg. (spaces have to be underscored_ and statements separated with dash- round up to the nearest inch on artwork size)
Click on download. will then save the file onto your computer. If you have 3D artwork you must save them as: Example 3D: Jane_Doe-Starry_Vase1-clay-12x12x8-400-Jane_Doe_Art_Society.jpeg Jane_Doe-Starry_Vase2-clay-12x12x8-400-Jane_ Doe_Art_Society.jpeg Jane_Doe-Starry_Vase3-clay-12x12x8-400-Jane_Doe_Art_Society.jpeg
Locate the file in your computer and get it to the club member that will be submitting your clubs images. Remember that only one submission of all the clubs images per club is allowed.

Questions? Please contact Steph at with the subject line re-size question.