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Why ANAC? 

“In the years I’ve been a member, I’ve learned a lot about growing as an artist.  Attending the local club’s reception, listening to the judge’s comments on the winning artwork (and anything about any other work), I understand what a judge looks for in a piece.  Focusing on creating for competition is different than commercial or commission work, although I find it is important to keep those qualities in any work I do.  Seeing other work, learning what does and doesn’t work, has helped me grow as an artist.  ANAC has been a great tool in my development.  It is a great way to network.  The workshops available at conference are high quality, although some are just half day classes, I never know when I can use what I’ve learned somewhere along my journey.  If it’s to learn a new technique, brush up on old ones, or completely stepping out of my comfort zone, I highly recommend attending a conference and seeing if that is something that can benefit your work, too.  If nothing else, have a few laughs and meet new friends!”


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ANAC exhibit rules are Here Please note the rules for size, weight, and 3-D packaging, appropriate wire hangers and no glass except for pastels. In the 2019 exhibition, there were 24 pieces disqualified for violating these rules.  The rules are in place for the travel show since the winners travel the state, and they have to be able to ship, and also hang at over a dozen different locations.  

​Updated scholarship and ANAC award forms coming soon.